What to wear?
Portrait sessions are so fun! Especially out here in Colorado where there are plenty of gorgeous backdrops/scenery surrounding us. For this reason, I like to shoot solid/neutral/earthy tone colors since patterns and logos can be distracting. If in doubt, you can't really go wrong with a solid color dress and a white button up with hiking boots. I'll also add that if you have a dope band tee from the 70's that you really wanna show-off, go ahead and bring that bad boy along and we will definitely make the most of it. #MusicIsLife

What to bring?
 First and foremost, bring yourself. :) Are you a musician? Bring your instrument. Is there a sentimental object  that holds a whole bunch of value? Bring it! Oh, flowers. If in doubt, ALWAYS bring flowers... and if this is an engagement shoot-- don't forget to bring the ring. Neutral colored blankets are def a bonus, too. 

How do we choose a location?
There are so many wonderful locations, it's pretty overwhelming. So, let's narrow it down. Do you want mountains in the background? or are trees and lakes more your speed? Do you want pictures in the city or away from all the buzz? How far are you willing to drive/hike?
Basically, what I'm trying to convey is-- Let's talk. I'll help you pick out a location if you're feeling stuck. I want this session to be unique and meaningful to you. 

Why should we book an engagement session before our wedding?
Engagement sessions are pretty important. Not only do people use these pictures for save the dates and decor around the wedding, it also gives you as chance to meet the photographer (me) and warm up to the camera giving you a glimpse of what it will be like on your big day. Once the wedding comes around, we will be like old friends and you'll feel more confident in front of the lens. You’ll have. Better idea of the angles and poses you prefer, too.. and that never hurts.

What time of day are the sessions?
Typically I will try and schedule a session for 7-8pm in the spring/summer/fall and 5-6pm in the winter due to time change. I love the look and softness of the sun around sunset, so that's what I aim for. If that's not do-able, we can work together and schedule either an early morning shoot or late afternoon shoot. 
How long does it take to deliver my photos?
2-3 weeks for portrait sessions and around 6 weeks for weddings :) 

How do I receive my digitals?
Once the gallery is sent to you, I will have the number of photos you paid for in your package allowed for download. You will then be able to go through the gallery and find a "download image" icon under the photo. There is also an option to buy more digitals in the gallery if you'd like.
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